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WomanGU builds women as leaders by modeling three core values; Discipline, Integrity, and Growth. (DIG) As women learn to operate in these values (DIG) they will soon discover their worth and hidden potential to accomplish their dreams, goals, and ultimately their purpose.
WomanGU is growing and will continue to thrive because of the need for women of color to gather for support, coaching, and guidance in the ever-changing role that women play in society.
WomanGU unapologetically encourages women to pursue a sturdy relationship with God and to “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”(Proverbs 3:5)



when effective is positive and helps improve overall performance and productivity in life. Discipline requires daily practice and repetition. Disciplined women commit to taking care of their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.



Integrity is the concept of consistently following moral actions, values, methods, principles, and expectations. What if everyone behaved like me? Would the world be a better place?



Is a process of learning from “failure” while overcoming obstacles and surviving in crisis situations. Growth means letting go of bad, unhealthy behavior and thinking patterns that result in pain or negativity and making healthier more beneficial choices.

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Our Mission

As part of our mission of “Building Women God Uses,” we award financial assistance each year at our annual Empowerment & Scholarship Luncheon up to $1,000. Past recipients graduated from University of Memphis, Arkansas State University, and Spelman College just to name a few. Interested participants must submit the application on our website. The Scholarship Coordinator leads the interview process for each applicant. The Scholarship recipient(s) are announced in October. Criteria to be eligible is as follows:

  • Must be 3rd or 4th year female undergraduate or graduate student of any nationality.
  • Female pursuing professional licensure i.e. Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, Engineer, etc.
  • Women owned small business growth opportunity. (WBE)

This one-time award is funded through generous donations and Corporate sponsorship. A portion of ticket sales for the luncheon is also allocated for support in memory of founding member, Minister Elvita Fox Rosser. Vita, as she was fondly remembered, was an avid supporter of higher education and passed away shortly after our first scholarship award was presented.

About Our Founder


Teresa Terry Thornton is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of WomanGu (Woman God Uses) a live women’s entity based in Memphis, Tennessee. She birthed WomanGU in January of 2016 after the vision to expand the reach, response, and role of women congregants was thwarted by restrictions in a traditional church setting. Minister T as she is fondly called has a passion to serve women especially women of color who have felt the sting of classism and sexism for centuries.

As a Woman God Uses wearing multiple hats, Minister T also faithfully serves as the Women’s Ministry Leader at the Pentecostal M.B. Church, where she tirelessly supports and helps to under gird the vision cast by the Pastor for church growth and discipleship. Inspired by a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Don’t go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” she relentlessly demonstrates the heart of a compassionate trailblazer.

"My greatest and proudest accomplishment has been raising my son and daughter after the sudden death of their father at ages 7 and 11 to becoming emotionally strong, spiritually healthy, and whole adults who are destined to be great Leaders of Kingdom building.
In this season of life for Minister T, she has adopted the mantra, 'POSITIONED FOR TRANSITION." Transitions come in all forms. Some wanted. Some unwanted. But they all have something in common - leaving the familiar and "secure" life and venturing into the unfamiliar, unchartered, and often frightening new period. Positioned for Transition simply speaks of CHANGE - a shift in a new direction or position; a change in mindset and movement from the status quo.

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